I am a graphic designer who offers another way to bring ideas to life—without the questionable ethics of the old guard helping to navigate your needs and make it happen. I was Formed at the University of Buenos Aires, with 10 years of experience, My work spans all formats and industries and a broad range of disciplines, I worked with web3 startups, fintech, and in marketing communication collaborated from strategy through launching and maintaining everyday task up to date while moving forward with bigger projects on the side. I also help established brands evolve and discover new opportunities to connect with their audiences. I'm constantly focused and informed about new technologies and overall trends.
What can I do? I make brands, websites, UI/UX, Art Direction, Packaging, Product Design, Design Systems. I can handle some 2D Animation, 3D, Social Media Content, and many other things.
Available M-F / 10-19hs. 
And at all other times on the World Wide Web.
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